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Are you or a loved one struggling with addiction? Call us at 541.504.9577

Thank you for considering BestCare for your patient’s alcohol or drug addiction treatment. We work with referring physicians as a trusted partner to help restore their patient to better health. We provide you and your team with ongoing communication about your patient’s progress so that you can adjust the other aspects of their care appropriately, and will collaborate with you before, during and after treatment to ensure the highest possible quality of care.

To begin the process, contact us today.

BestCare is proud to be one of the longest-term providers in the Central Oregon region. We got our start in November of 1997, thanks to a partnership between Deschutes County, State of Oregon, St. Charles Medical Center and the Central Oregon District Hospital—and, as a result of the only other residential drug rehab center closing its doors.

Since 1997, we have grown from a modest, singular drug rehab center to offering residential and outpatient services in four cities and becoming the only Spanish-speaking alcohol and drug rehab facility in the state. We have helped thousands of people find the help they need in a caring and collaborative environment. And, we have remained true to our Business Code of Conduct and our founding mission:

To advocate and provide compassionate care in the treatment and prevention of addictions and mental illness.


The first step is always the hardest. Breaking the cycle, taking a stand, and committing to change can feel impossible. That’s why we’re here. To serve our communities and each other. To show compassion and offer solutions. To provide hope for tomorrow and confidence for today. We’re here for when you’re ready.

At BestCare, we succeed where other programs may fail because many of us have, at one point or another in our lives, experienced and overcome addiction ourselves. We understand, but more importantly, we offer the tools, medical experience, and know-how to best help you recover.

Our philosophy

We advocate for change through compassion. We believe you need a safe, supportive, and drug free environment where you can focus on recovery without being isolated. We believe addiction is primarily a physical disorder which can profoundly affect your health, relationships, and emotional and spiritual life. While the symptoms of addiction are well documented, we also believe that each person brings different strengths, needs, abilities and preferences that can be a catalyst in overcoming addiction and increase the ability to make long lasting, healthy and responsible choices. 

Our approach

Our tailored approach is one based on compassion, allowing us to connect with you on a deeper level to help inspire change from within. You are an individual, with challenges unique to you. That’s why we tailor our program to your specific needs. Our holistic, collaborative approach places our entire support team by your side, treating not just the symptoms but the roots of your addiction. And our care doesn’t end at the door; we provide you with the ongoing tools and support you need to get well and stay well for the long run.

Our experience

As one of the longest-serving substance abuse providers in Oregon, we have a network of residential and outpatient facilities throughout the region. In addition, we are CARF-certified, which means we are among the best providers nationally for quality of service. Finally, our team is medically trained using proven methodologies to ensure you are given the best tools for lasting change.


Addiction affects all walks of life. We welcome a diverse population because everyone deserves great care. We serve all who have substance abuse and mental health challenges, including men and women, co-occurring patients, Spanish-speaking clients, people who need pain management and those in the corrections systems.


The last thing you need in detox or rehab is a cold, unfamiliar environment. That’s why we’ve gone to great lengths to create and cultivate an environment that feels more like a home should feel: safe, comfortable and familiar. To arrange for a personal tour of any of our facilities, contact us today.

We offer four levels of alcohol and substance abuse rehab programs, depending on your desired recovery goals. Our counselors are trained to help you create change from within by calling forth your own motivation and commitment to recovery. Our programs include: 

  • Drug and alcohol detox: Our full-service detox treatment is medically-managed and ensures that a team of medical professionals and licensed addiction specialists are available 24/7 to assist you in withdrawal, offering the safest and most effective method to stop substance use.
  • Residential drug and alcohol treatment: Our short-term, high-intensity drug and alcohol program gives you access to full medical staff and trained counselors, giving those who have tried other measures without success the chance to separate themselves from their social environment and focus on making the necessary changes for long-term recovery.
  • Intensive outpatient treatment: For those who don’t require a 24-hour residential program, this treatment service provides a support system for people who recognize they have a problem and need help.
  • Outpatient treatment: The first level of treatment for patients who require a lower level of care, including those facing legal issues from their substance addiction such as DUI. 

As your treatment progresses, you’re encouraged to move to the next lower level as quickly as appropriate, ensuring you stay motivated and feel empowered in your own recovery. With locations throughout Central Oregon and in Klamath Falls, transition between programs is convenient and affordable without the hassle of starting over with a new plan. If you’re ready for help, we’re ready for you. Contact us today.


Because choosing recovery often involves making significant life decisions, we offer support, encouragement, accountability and structure, creating the opportunity to build a more fulfilling and sober life. 


We focus on treatment solutions that have been applied and tested in various settings and research has demonstrated its effectiveness. Motivational Interviewing is our cornerstone philosophy or model of counseling. It is a highly-regarded, evidence-based practice for helping those with substance abuse. Unlike other treatment practices that emphasize the counselor as an authority figure, Motivational Interviewing believes “change” rests within each person. The process initially focuses on exploring and resolving any personal challenges one might have to change. Then, we focus on having a series of collaborative conversations designed to strengthen your own motivation for change. Learn more about our treatment options on our treatment services page. 

Variety for personal success

In addition, we include a variety of treatment approaches that are tailored to each individual’s needs. All treatment options have proven highly successful in helping those facing addiction, including individual and family counseling, medical and psychiatric support, 12-step support groups, educational groups, and alternative solutions like yoga, mindfulness, and acupuncture. 

Goals for change

Because there are multiple ways for change to occur, our counselors will first help you establish goals and objectives, as well as help you see whether your current behaviors support these goals and objectives. This is critical to giving you the strength you’ll need when old friends and old habits cause doubt in the choice to be in recovery. 


Our treatment options are covered by the Oregon Health Plan and most major private insurance providers in Oregon. We are considered the preferred provider by many of the region’s largest plans and can help answer any questions regarding insurance coverage and payment options.

Coverage varies by insurance plan and since we add new partners often, please contact us to discuss insurance options.

HRSA Sliding Fee Discount Schedule
Based on 2023 Federal Poverty Guidelines*
Poverty Level Annual Income
At or Below 101-133% 134-150% 151-175% 176-200% Above  
  100% 200%  
Family Size A B C D E F
1 $0 $14,580 $14,581 $18,225 $18,226 $21,870 $21,871 $25,515 $25,516 $29,160 $29,161 36,450
2 $0 $19,720 $19,721 $24,650 $24,651 $29,580 $29,581 $34,510 $34,511 $39,440 $39,441 49,300
3 $0 $24,860 $24,861 $31,075 $31,076   $37,290 $37,291 $43,505 $43,506 $49,720 $49,721 62,150
4 $0 $30,000 $30,001 $37,500 $37,501 $45,000 $45,001 $52,500 $52,501 $60,000 $60,001 0 75,000
5 $0 $35,140 $35,141 $43,925 $43,926   $52,710 $52,711 $61,495 $61,496 $70,280 $70,281 87,850
6 $0 $40,280 $40,281 $50,350 $50,351 $60,420 $60,421 $70,490 $70,491 $80,560 $80,561 100,700
7 $0 $45,420 $45,421 $56,775 $56,776 $68,130 $68,131 $79,485 $79,486 $90,840 $90,841 113,550
8 $0 $50,560 $50,561 $63,200 $63,201 $75,840 $75,841 $88,480 $88,481 $101,120 $101,121 126,400
For Family units with more than 8 persons, add $4,720 for each additional member
* Federal Register / 2023

access for all

BestCare Treatment Services will not deny anyone access to care due to their inability to pay. 
We offer a discounted/sliding fee schedule based on family size and income.


No one should have to face recovery alone. We provide care when you’re ready to overcome addiction and provide support to stay clean and sober in the days, months and years after completion of our program. Here you will find a list of resources and partner programs in the community as you approach the next stage in your journey.


Support Services for Before and After Rehab

  • Al-anon provides a support group for friends and family members of problem drinkers (888.425.2666)
  • Bethlehem Inn is a non-denominational, community-based facility who provides shelter, help and hope to those experiencing homelessness in Central Oregon (541.322.8768)
  • COCC provides an Addiction Studies program for those who are looking to make a career of addiction counseling (541.383.7700)
  • Goodwill Job Connection offers free assistance in finding employment and clothing for interviews (541.516.4284)
  • Housing Works provides affordable housing, rental assistance and new beginnings for low-and moderate-income Central Oregonians (541.923.1018)
  • Neighbor Impact provides a diversity of services that not only meet basic human needs for food and shelter, but also enriches people’s lives through access to increased education, skills, and hope (541.548.2380)
  • Oxford Housing is a democratically-run, self-supporting drug-free group home (541.330.1888)
  • Saving Grace provides comprehensive family violence and sexual assault services and promotes the value of living life free from violence (541.389.7021)
  • Shepherd’s House is a Christian-based, long-term program for homeless men (541.388.2096)
  • Smart Recovery fosters a self-empowering addiction recovery support group (440.951.5357)



Substance abuse is one of the most difficult problems Central Oregon employers face. One of the ways we give back to the community is through our active involvement in the Central Oregon Drug Free Initiative. Our specialists work with your organization to help you create a drug-free workplace in a variety of ways, including:

  • Drafting and implementing drug-free workplace policies
  • Substance abuse awareness training for supervisors and employees
  • Help employers identify and deal with other substance abuse-related issues

To learn how we can help make your business a drug-free workplace, call us at 541.516.4099.

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