Business Code of Conduct

The mission of BestCare Treatment Services is: “To advocate and provide compassionate care in the treatment and prevention of addiction and mental illness.”This mission implies a broader commitment to the public good and a set of ethical business practices. BestCare Treatment Services is committed to ensuring that its policies, procedures, and actions follow the following eight principles in all its business practices:

  1. Fiduciary
    The BestCare Board and staff shall act as a fiduciary for the agency. They shall carry out the agency’s business in a diligent and loyal manner, with the degree of candor expected of a trustee.
  2. Property
    The BestCare Board and staff shall respect the agency’s property as goods held in the public trust. They shall refrain from theft and misappropriation, avoid waste, and safeguard the property entrusted to them.
  3. Reliability
    The BestCare Board and staff shall honor their commitments. They shall be faithful to their word and follow through on promises, agreements, and other voluntary undertakings, whether or not embodied in legally enforceable contracts.
  4. Transparency
    The BestCare Board and staff shall conduct business in a truthful and open manner. They shall refrain from deceptive acts and practices, keep accurate records, and make timely disclosures of material information while respecting obligations or confidentiality and privacy.
  5. Dignity
    The BestCare Board and staff shall respect the dignity of all people. They shall protect the health, safety, privacy, and human rights of others; and adopt practices that enhance human development in the workplace and the community.
  6. Fairness
    The BestCare Board and staff shall engage in free and fair business practices, deal with all parties fairly and equitably, and practice nondiscrimination in employment and contracting.
  7. Citizenship
    The BestCare Board and staff shall act as responsible citizens of the community. They shall respect the law, protect public goods, cooperate with public authorities, avoid improper involvement in politics and government, and contribute to community betterment.

  8. Responsiveness
    The BestCare Board and staff shall engage with parties who may have legitimate claims and concerns relating to the agency’s activities, and be responsive to public needs and the oversight of public entities.

The BestCare Board and staff shall use these eight broad principles in developing and evaluating all its business practices.

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