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Redmond Residential Treatment

676 NE Maple Ave
Redmond, OR 97756

Our Redmond Residential Treatment center offers short-term, high-intensity drug and alcohol treatment, detox, and intensive outpatient treatment for those who require a lower level of care, including those facing legal issues from their substance addiction such as DUI. 

Redmond – Brooks Respite and Recovery

1470 NW 4th Street
Redmond, OR 97756

Brooks Respite is a short-term, voluntary crisis stabilization program for adults experiencing an acute psychiatric crisis. Brooks crisis stabilization is an alternative to inpatient hospitalization. The program is designed to identify goals, stabilize the current crisis, and develop a community support plan to promote ongoing recovery after discharge. Individuals are referred through their therapist, physician, community crisis teams, and emergency room.

Klamath Falls Residential Treatment

2555 Main St
Klamath Falls, OR 97601

Our Klamath Falls residential facility offers detox and short-term, high-intensity drug and alcohol treatment designed to help you get clean as quickly as possible. During treatment you’ll have access to our full medical staff and caring counselors.

Madras Latino Residential Treatment

236 SE D Street
Madras, OR 97741

Esta instalación es el único programa residencial latino en el estado, y la única que está certificado  en CARF en todo el noroeste.

Para hombres solamente, este programa es de poco tiempo, alta intensidad el programa de tratamiento de alcohol y drogas designado para ayudar a limpiar a persona lo más rápido posible.  Durante el tratamiento usted tendrá acceso a nuestros compañeros médicos y a los compasivos consejeros.

Este programa es para hombres y mujeres, ofrece el primer nivel de tratamiento para esos que requieren un nivel de cuidado más bajo, incluyendo aquellos que ofrecen problemas legales por su uso de sustancias de adicción como obtener un DUI.  El tiempo que es necesario para este nivel es usualmente de cinco horas o menos a la semana.

OUR ALCOHOL & DRUG Outpatient Programs

Bend Outpatient Treatment

908 NE 4th St.
Suite 100
Bend, OR 97701

Our Bend outpatient treatment center offers intensive treatment, outpatient treatment, and non-pharmacological approaches to pain management. We also offer free outpatient gambling addiction treatment as a community service.

Bend Outpatient Mental Health Services

358 NE Marshall Ave.
Bend, OR 97701

Our outpatient mental health program in Bend provides mental health assessment and counseling services to adults. Our mental health clinical teams include mental health clinicians and case managers.

Redmond Outpatient Treatment

340 NW 5th St #202
Redmond, OR 97756

Our Redmond Outpatient Treatment center offers the first level of treatment for those who require a lower level of care, including those facing legal issues from their substance addiction such as DUI. The time commitment for this level of treatment is usually five hours or less a week.

Madras Outpatient Treatment

850 SW 4th Street Suite 201
Madras, OR 97741

Our outpatient program in Madras provides assessment, individual and group counseling, and drug-testing for adults and adolescents. Our outpatient alcohol/drug clinical team includes certified clinicians, recovery mentors, and Native American Outreach Specialists. We are a state-certified DUII treatment provider in Jefferson County and the contracted Oregon Health Plan provider. We offer many different types of treatment groups, including education, relapse prevention, and DBT (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy) groups. Our team also closely coordinates with our mental health team when participants have co-occurring disorders.

Outpatient Mental Health Programs

Madras Mental Health Services

850 SW 4th Street Suite 302
Madras, OR 97741

Our outpatient mental health program in Madras provides mental health assessment and counseling services to children, families, and adults. Our mental health clinical teams include mental health clinicians, case managers, wraparound coordinators, skills trainers. Psychiatry, including evaluation, medication management, and nursing support is also an integral part of our mental health clinical services. We offer several mental health treatment groups, including weekly gender-specific DBT (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy) groups. Access to mental health services is rapid as we have an Open Access clinic Monday-Thursday; we can also schedule assessment appointments, when needed.

Prineville Mental Health Services

1059 NW Madras Hwy
Prineville, OR 97754

Our Prineville facility offers services for intellectual and developmental disabilities, general case management, alcohol and drug assessments, individual and group counseling, and drug testing.

Administrative Offices

Organization Headquarters

340 NW 5th St.
Suite 203
Redmond, OR 97756

Our Executive Team and Administrative Support staff provide collaborative support and care for all team members and programs throughout our organization.

Several key milestones contributed to BestCare becoming the respected rehab provider that we are today. We highlight them below:

  • It was Central Oregon District Hospital, now St. Charles Health System, who acquired the Negus Way property in Redmond, OR, on which one of our current residential treatment campuses resides. After a series of public meetings, the City of Redmond gave their permission for our alcohol and drug rehab facility.
  • Through patience and perseverance, a partnership was formed with a variety of non-profit alcohol and drug rehab centers from around the state. This partnership was successful in garnering contracts and formulating the creation of the entity that is now BestCare.
  • BestCare sought, and was granted in July of 2001, non-profit status for our drug rehab facilities. Shortly after, Rick Treleaven was named Executive Director and remains in this position today. Throughout his tenure, he has been the recipient of several state awards for his dedication and efforts in keeping BestCare a viable facility in our region.
  • In late 2008, BestCare was asked by Klamath County to take over their county’s residential alcohol and drug rehab facility, which became a reality in mid-November of that year.
  • In 2014, we completed the rigorous process of becoming CARF-Accredited, which places us among the best rehabilitation service providers and gives clients greater assurance in partnering with us.
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