Supporting Recovery Through Warm Handoffs

Supporting Recovery Through Warm Handoffs
by Emilie Dauch, M.A., LPC, CADC II
For the last two years, supported by of our local coordinated care organization PacificSource Community Solutions, BestCare assumed a more prominent and trusted role in developing an outcomes based service delivery system for individuals with moderate to severe substance…

The Power of Collaboration

The Power of Collaboration

by Natalie Heidtmann, Outreach Counselor

In January 2016, BestCare Treatment Services created a new position, one that had never been utilized in this area. While I work at BestCare, I spend most of my time at various St. Charles facilities. This a collaborative venture between BestCare Treatment Services and St.…

Gardening and Recovery

Gardening and Recovery by John Price

When I was approached about doing a garden at the Best Care Residential program in Redmond, of course I was excited. Not only because I am a chef and have always dreamed about having an onsite garden that I could use in the preparation of the meals I prepare, but also the thought of “farm to table”…

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