Addiction Prevention Efforts

Substance abuse is a community problem because it affects everyone. Families are most closely affected, often dealing with long-term or even cross-generational problems. Businesses feel the impact through increased health care costs, lowered productivity and high turnover. Our jails are filled with substance abusers draining resources away from other social programs like education and health care.

While our ultimate goal at BestCare is long-term recovery from addiction, we would prefer if no one became addicted in the first place! Toward that goal, BestCare is actively involved in a variety of local and statewide prevention efforts along with law enforcement, education, business and faith-based institutions. We take a broad-based approach because we understand that the more people you can reach with information about the dangers of substance abuse, the more effective you'll be.

Jefferson County Prevention Office

This prevention office concentrates on alcohol tobacco and other drug prevention. Jefferson County Drug Prevention Task ForceThrough the Jefferson County Prevention Task Force, staff at the office works in partnership with community members to reduce substance abuse in Jefferson County. The Task Force informs and educates the community at large regarding the harmful effects of substance abuse through media, as well as activities such as school classroom education, community partnerships and community education forums. Staff also continuously updates the latest information regarding techniques to implement prevention strategies and developing public policy to create positive community norms. 


For more information, please contact:
Jefferson County Prevention Office: 541.475.4884

Cindy Brockett 541.410.8793
Certified Prevention Specialist

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